Quito here I come!

For this adventure I will get to wear many hats (figuratively- and quite possibly literally). Among them the gringo-trying-not-to-look-like-too-much-of-a tourist hat and most importantly the exchange student hat. I will be spending a semester at La Universidad San Fransisco de Quito taking classes, exploring the city, and seeing as much of Ecuador as possible!


My sister came to drive me to the airport while patiently waiting for me to finish packing……


Which was clearly quite the task



Zazu was ready to come with! He would have been a pretty hard sell to customs and my host family

After I was FINALLY packed and ready to go, I spent one last day running around with my family before they gave me the send off of the century.

We all learned a bit from this experience. For example, always bring an extra duffle bag in case your luggage is overweight (also great for souvenirs!), coffee does not cure slap-happiness, and always double check when the check-in kiosks open at the airport.


Sadly we are talking a.m. not p.m.

After a layover, a delay, some technical difficulties, and an interesting conversation with Ecuadorian customs- I finally made it! My host family was waiting at the gates with embrazos (hugs) to take me to my home for the next four months.


Almost there!


Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. Not bad for a country slightly bigger than Wyoming state!


First time I lost luggage- WOO!


First steps in Ecuador

It’s official: I have four months to study, speak better Spanish, meet people from around the world, and get a taste of the Ecuadorian life.

To say I am excited, is a definite understatement.